Yamoa™ Samples (1 week's supply)

Yamoa™ Samples (1 week's supply)

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This 1 week sample is designed to reassure you:

  • Yamoa™ is unlikely to cause you any adverse reactions;
  • Yamoa™ won't make you drowsy and give you side effects that other over-the-counter medications could give you;
  • Yamoa™ is unlikely to interact with medications or other supplements or herbals you are currently taking.

Please note: We say ‘unlikely’ as in our experience, any of the above events are very, very rare, and although we cannot guarantee in every case, as we’re all different and some could react in these ways, we are pretty certain you’ll feel reassured at the end of your 7 day sample. Having said all this, if your symptoms in the first week seem to be exacerbated, it could be a healing reaction, also known as a healing ‘crisis’ or Herxheimer reaction. This can seem negative, but actually, it’s really positive. Often when healing begins to alter the immune system, it can seem like the body is ‘throwing off’ all the symptoms at once. This is well documented, but with Yamoa™ it is quite unusual, but something to be aware of. You can always contact us for advice if you think this may be happening to you.

Yamoa™ Capsules Dosage:

Adult: 2 a day: 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening.

Child: 1 a day: ½ in the morning, ½ in the evening.

14 Capsule sample = 1 week's supply for an adult, 2 week's supply for a child 12yrs and under.

(Read Sample Info Sheet before Purchasing)

Ingredients: each capsule contains Funtumia elastica (500mg), Magnesium stearate .B.P. (10mg), Cellulose capsule (100mg).


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