10 ways Yamoa™ can change your life

10 ways Yamoa™ can change your life

1. Possible long-term relief from symptoms

Yamoa™ is a natural supplement made from the bark of a gum tree found in Africa. It has traditionally been used in Ghana as a way of providing possible long-term relief for respiratory allergies, most particularly asthma, and hayfever. Unlike conventional options, many users have reported that Yamoa™ has provided them with long-term relief, some declaring that they no longer needed to rely on conventional treatments, or even Yamoa™ itself after just two months of use. 

2. Saves you money

When you compare Yamoa™ to current prescription options such as inhalers, it proves much more cost-effective, especially when you take into account the fact that many customers only need to invest in a two month course.

3. Peace of mind

Although we can't claim that Yamoa™ will rid you of your ailments for once and for all, it is the only natural remedy that we know of that has been scientifically understood to provide long-term relief from asthma and hayfever. This means you can spend less time worrying about possible attacks, and more time enjoying Iife.

4. Natural ingredients

Yamoa™ is 100% natural. It is made using the bark of the Funtumia elastica gum tree, found in Africa, that grows to over 30 meters in height and is not grown using fertilisers or pesticides. This makes it ideal for anybody who is worried about the toxicity of their current treatments. It also means you are less likely to suffer any side effects.

If your stomach is sensitive to bitter herbs, we recommend you take Yamoa™ with food.

5. Limited side effects

There are very few reported side effects associated with Yamoa™. In fact there have only been a smalI number of isolated reports. These people noted a reaction of a rash, water-retention, a tickly cough and stomach ache, which have all abated when they have reduced their dose or stopped taking Yamoa. Another two people in the last 23 years have reported palpitations when taken with blood pressure meds. Again the symptoms ceased when they stopped taking Yamoa™. 

A recent study in US journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, has shown there is a link between medicines used for hayfever and dementia. This risk is eliminated with Yamoa™.

6. Suitable for all ages

Whether you're an elderly person desperate for relief or a parent looking for a natural approach for your chiId, Yamoa™ can work alongside your current medications to bring about alternative relief.

The only people we would advise to not use Yamoa™ would be pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people currently taking high blood pressure medication, or babies under one year of age, this is only because studies on these sectors of the population have not been done, so the advice is erring on the side of caution. 

7. Easy to take

You can either take Yamoa™ in capsule form or by adding the powder to your food. You only need to take it twice a day and, in most cases, people notice a vast improvement to their health after two months.

8. Trusted by others

We have received countless testimoniaIs since we began distributing Yamoa™ all of which help to strengthen our belief that this product gets results. Yamoa™ is also the only product that is endorsed by the highly respected US organisation 'The Foundation for Alternative & Integrative Medicine' (www.faim.org). We're incredibly passionate about what we do, and it appears, so are many of our customers after experiencing results.

9. Scientifically proven

It's alI very welI me telling you that Yamoa™ helps the majority of those who take it, and it's great that I can provide you with testimonials but, with a product like this, it's important that what we're saying is supported by science. Which it is!

If you'd like to read about the peer-reviewed research on Yamoa™ published in International Immunopharmacology, the Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences and the Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, as well as others, then it is available to view on our website.

None of these studies have been commissioned by us - they have all been conducted by independent scientists eager to learn more about the powerfuI properties in Funtumia elastica.

10. Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to respiratory afflictions, it can be hard to know when an attack may occur. By taking Yamoa™, you're giving your body a natural opportunity to change your allergic response so that your symptoms are treated before they have the chance to become problems.

Yamoa™ cannot and should not be used in an emergency situation - Yamoa™ does not work in that way. It gradually, but in some cases can quite quickly, alters an abnormal allergic response on a cellular level. By taking Yamoa™ over a course of a couple of months you can build up your body's natural immunity to allergic triggers and give yourself the best chance of preventing future symptoms.

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