How Does Yamoa™ Work?

Independent researchers from Montana State University in the USA have determined how the unique active ingredients found in Yamoa™ correct your immune system to respond normally to allergens, publishing their findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Yamoa™ works on the root cause of your symptoms by altering your immune system’s response to allergens, normalising your reaction to them and so eradicating symptoms.

Because Yamoa™ changes the immune system and doesn’t just manage or mask symptoms, like many people you may find that a two month course is enough Yamoa™ to give you long-lasting benefits.

Other powerful properties discovered in Yamoa™ by independent researchers from London, France and the Ivory Coast combine to make it a wonderful all-round health supplement.

The top 5 Yamoa™ research findings:

  1. An effective anti-inflammatory.
  2. Improves white blood cell counts.
  3. Yamoa™ polysaccharides stimulate innate immunity and demonstrate potential for infectious disease.
  4. An effective antibacterial.
  5. Yamoa™ polysaccharides slant allergic immune response on a molecular level.

For more information on the studies conducted on Yamoa™, go to our Science & Research Page...