Yamoa's traditional roots

Yamoa's traditional roots

Highly valued in traditional medicine for treatment and management of a number of health disorders.

In African culture, a healer or shaman is known for practicing traditional medicine. In 1999, the company's owner met Jerry Yamoa whose grandmother, Akua Asirifia, was a shaman in Ghana. He told of a powder – which later became known as Yamoa™ – that was being used by his grandmother to successfully treat asthma and hay fever.

Funtumia elastica, commonly named ‘silk rubber’, is a medium-sized deciduous tree which can be found in West Africa. Yamoa is produced from the bark and has been used as a natural food supplement to alleviate respiratory and allergic conditions. It is an all natural herbal remedy whose specific recipe has been handed down through generations. It contains no other additives or fillers, is non-toxic and manufactured according to full International GMP standards.

Yamoa has antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties because it contains anthocyanins, flavonoids, tannins, natural anti-fungals and unique polysaccharides which stimulate the immune system and has even shown potential in the lab to fight infectious disease.

A number of respected scientists and researchers from London, France, Ivory Coast, and the US have studied Yamoa and have published peer-reviewed articles in highly acclaimed journals such as; Journal of Ethnopharmacology, The Journal of Immunology, and International Immunopharmacology.



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