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What is Yamoa™?

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Jerry Yamoa and his colleagues at Nine Elms POst Office in 1998 - throwing away their inhalers after taking Yamoa Powder.

Our Yamoa™ Products

Yamoa™ Sample Sachet

This is a 7 day trial-size sachet of 14 Yamoa™ capsules to reassure you it is safe for you to take. Significant benefits are unlikely to be achieved - a two-month course of Yamoa™ is recommended for long term results.

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Yamoa™ Powder 30gm

Yamoa™ has been traditionally taken in powder form added to food or drink and taken twice a day. A 30gm bottle will last 1 month for an adult or two months for a child aged 12 and under. A two-month initial course of Yamoa™ is recommended. Full dosage instructions come with the product.

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Yamoa™ Capsules

A more recent introduction to the Yamoa™ family is the capsule. Available in two sizes, 60 and 120 count, these vegan capsules offer a convenient way to take Yamoa™ twice a day. The capsules can be easily opened up to deliver a half capsule dose to children. A two-month initial course of Yamoa™ is recommended. Full dosage instructions come with the product.

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Yamoa™ has been around for years...

Yamoa™ on London Today

Jerry Yamoa introduces his 'Yamoa Powder' for asthma and hayfever. In this video you will see footage of Royal Mail postal workers in London filing past bins and throwing their inhalers away as far back as 1998...!

Yamoa™ - Probably the Safest Natural Lasting Treatment for Respiratory Allergies

Yamoa™ is the powdered bark of a gum tree from Ghana, which has been traditionally used mixed in honey and taken twice a day to eradicate the symptoms of breathing ailments. 

Since the early 1990s it has been available in the UK and manufactured to GMP standards and is available as a food supplement in pure powder and vegetarian capsule form.

A short course of 2 months can yield long-term results.

- No unwelcome side-effects - there are no side effects that people can anticipate with either short or long-term use.

- Affordable - as little as $1.57 a day - and many people no longer need to continue using it.

- Easy to use - mix the powder into honey or food, or simply take the capsules twice a day. Safe for all ages - children as young as 1yr old can take Yamoa™.

- Non-Toxic and certified organic - all toxicology reports have been favourable, and certified organic in country of origin.

- Manufactured to full British and International GMP Standards.

- Safe when taken with prescribed medications – even people on complex drug or supplement regimes have not had problems taking Yamoa™ at the same time.

- Free from Heavy Metals, Salmonella, E.Coli, Coliform and Streptococci - all batch tests have proven negative for these.