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London Today - Carlton TV - 12th August 1998



This video was finally unearthed in 2016 when one of the postal workers featured had to clear out his father's home after he passed away. His father has had a copy for 17 years, and although Jerry Yamoa tragically passed away in 2008, we are finally able to show you what a lovely man he was, and what a battle he has faced to get his Yamoa Powder taken seriously.

Yamoa has been available now on the Internet since 1999, and is manufactured in the UK to GMP standards. Independent scientists from around the world have sought their own funding to study it, and the results of those studies can be found on here:

Yamoa has no side effects and has been considered safe by thousands of happy users of the product, and through scientific insight. The doctor's comments have been left in this video so you can see the kind of medical scepticism Jerry has had to deal with.

Since this film was shot, Yamoa has been taken very seriously. It is the only product that has been endorsed by the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (, scientific papers have been published about it in peer-reviewed journals such as 'Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters', 'Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences', 'West Indian Medical Journal', 'The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology', 'Veterinary Molecular Biology' and 'International Immunopharmacology'.

Deep Breath at Nine Elms

CWU (Communication Workers Union) Voice, June 1998. Author: Kay Holmes

It may not be a ‘miracle cure’, but colleagues of CWU member Jerry Yamoa say his asthma remedy really works. And hay fever sufferers aren’t sneezing at it either. Kay Holmes reports.

At the Royal Mail centre in London’s Nine Elms, there’s an unofficial medical test going on that could take the sneeze out of summer for thousands of asthma and hay fever sufferers.

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My Gran's Miracle Cure

New Nation, 3rd August 1998 by Ross Slater

A POSTMAN may be about to stamp his name in the history books by marketing a first-class cure for asthma that also works for hayfever. Already over 2,000 customers claim to have been cured of their breathing problems after sprinkling Jerry Yamoa's magical African dust on their food.

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Combating Asthma and Hayfever with Grandma's Prescription

Africa Factsfile, Health Report June/July 1999 by Philip Jones

"Native doctor, come out and let the people have you. The root of trees which you turn into to drugs to cure the blind ones... and the bleeding ones, they need you. So native doctor come out NOW and let the people have you." - From the song Native Doctor By the pop trio, BLO, the 1970s pop sensation in Nigeria.

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The African cure that almost got away

Alternatives for the Health-conscious Individual 2001, Vol.9. Author: Dr. David G. Williams

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Traipsing around the world in search of cures for the last 16 or 17 years hasn’t been without its shares of failures and disappointments. For every effective remedy I uncover, I would guess that there are at least a hundred others that prove to be worthless...

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A Cure for Hay Fever?

The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail, August 13th 2002 Author: Marc Chadbourn

HAY FEVER sufferers may soon be able to greet the summer with open arms and clear noses. New research makes great claims for a treatment based on the ground-up bark of an African gum tree, which also seems able to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

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