Combating Asthma and Hayfever with Grandma's Prescription



Africa Factsfile, Health Report June/July 1999 by Philip Jones

"Native doctor, come out and let the people have you. The root of trees which you turn into to drugs to cure the blind ones,... and the bleeding ones, they need you. So native doctor come out NOW and let the people have you." - From the song Native Doctor By the pop trio , BLO, the nineteen seventies pop sensation in Nigeria.


When B-L-O released the above song in the 1970s, there was a continental movement to promote African traditional products especially African herbal remedies. Another renowned frontline pan-Africanist musician, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti "Buy Africa," in recognition of this need to promote African goods. Africa Factsfile has made it plain that, we will put Africa into perspective for global reckoning. We were mindful of the publicity usually given to Africa from the angle of strife, famine and the exploits of little Hitlers paraded as the strongmen or war-lords, as a result of the uncommon wickedness they visit at will on their people.

Apart from raw primary products, Africa is said not to have much to offer the world as far as finished goods are concerned. Out of Ghana has come a product of excellent quality known as YAMOA POWDER of which we are proud to be associated with.

YAMOA POWDER is the scourge of Asthma and hay fever and that is an undisputed truth. I know because I suffer with this very uncomfortable condition. YAMOA powder has rescued me and I am on the way to being fully cured. I have been reacting to certain allergens for nearly two decades. My only relief was, until now, the usual Salbutamol based inhalers and some steroids. The knowledge that I will have to live with this condition forever, was for me a secret battle of will. Not any more. NOW, there is HOPE for a permanent cure for all asthmatics and hay fever sufferers. That cure is the bequest of grandma Asilifa to her grandson Jerry - The YAMOA Powder. There is some infinite goodness in YAMOA Powder. All over Europe and America, YAMOA powder is currently delivering asthma sufferers from the bondage of dependence on various types of inhalers.

Some African doctors have claimed ability to cure the awe striking Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and cancer and they have been laughed at, as if they do not know what they are talking about. But we can emphatically say that these people know exaqctly what they are talking about. The African doctor combats any ailment from both the physiological and metaphysical and therefore can deliver a double whammy to that ailment. The closeness to nature of Africans and Africa is another reason why some of the diseases that have caused the most scares worldwide are being tackled effectively. What might be militating against the international exposure and use of these herbs is the acute shortage of funds for promoting them. And the under hand lobby by the established Food and Drugs companies to outlaw them from mainstream circulation. Thus these herbs do not get to the consumers who desperately need them. They are termed illicit and dangerous by the established drug companies who fear that people will opt for these natural remedies.

For Yamoa powder, it has been a long and difficult road to reach the medicine shelves of the wider world. It may well have died with its dicoverer the Ghanaian herbalist, AKUA ASILIFA with out the singular effort of her grand son Jerry Yamoa. Jerry Yamoa a postal officer at the Royal Mail Centre in London's Nine Elms battled for sveral years before his 107-year-old grandma agreed to give him the secret formula which she has been using to cure Asthma sufferers for ages. After a special traditional rite ceremony, she passed on the custody of this herbal medical formula to him for posterity.

Yamoa Powder
Yamoa Powder has been traditionally used to aid recovery from respiratory and allergic conditions. Yamoa Powder is an herbal remedy that originates from West Africa, and has been handed down throughout generations.
What is Yamoa Powder?
Yamoa Powder is a totally natural substance that is made from the ground down bark of a unique gum tree found in West Africa, it contains no other additives.