Interesting reading from Yamoa™ customers

Interesting reading from Yamoa™ customers

I thought I'd just share with you some of the e-mails we have received from customers over the years detailing their experiences with Yamoa™. For any of you who have not tried Yamoa™ for yourselves yet, this makes very exciting reading!

Various Respiratory Challenges - 3 year old boy:

I bought it for my grandson who is 3 years old. He has many respiratory challenges for various reasons. He was in ICU on two occasions for many weeks sedated and on life support before his 1st birthday. As a result he has scar tissue, and adverse challenges to overcome from having to use a feeding tube for an extended period of time as well as having allergies and asthma. He went from having to have breathing treatments every 4 hours everyday to only having 1 at night time before bed on the days he didn't have therapy. My daughter felt he could have managed well without the breathing treatments during the day on therapy days as well, but his medical prefer to give them to him. We have seen remarkable benefits for him.  As a grandmother, I am very grateful to you!  R. Witt, Texas, USA. 

Mrs Witt first ordered Yamoa for her grandson in April 2008. To date he has been given no more than 2 month's supply of Yamoa at the child's dose.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) - 72 year old man:

I have been taking the Yamoa powder about one month and today I saw my Pulmonary Dr. Mohammed Ayass. He was so delighted after he listened to my chest and said my lungs were absolutely the most clear he had heard since he met me in 7-2006. He said it was so exciting for him to have a patient get BETTER not WORSE. He told me he normally heard crackling sounds and now not only NO crackling sounds but also very Good air exchange he had never heard in my chest before. Of course I brought him the Yamoa powder information to read. It was exciting for me to hear the good report but also great to see my doctor so happy and excited. I appreciate Dr. David Williams telling his readers about this product in his Newsletter.  E. J. Piper, Texas, USA.

Hay Fever/Seasonal Allergies:

As an ex soldier and outdoor-lovíng person I was pretty annoyed a few months after leaving the military to get hay fever when I could finally enjoy the outdoor life at my leisure. After a few years taking endless tablets and nose sprays I tried Yamoa tablets. What a difference! I noticed a vast improvement after a few days and a year later I feel cured and just take a few tablets if I think I'm sneezing more often than normal. I certainly no longer suffer if I forget to take medication with me when I'm out in the wild. J. Thede-Keats, Esbjerg, Denmark.

Asthma since childhood -  lady in her 70's:

I have had asthma since about 3 years old, and now in my 70s. I was very cautious about using Yamoa powder, so, after mixing with honey, I put a bit on my finger and touched my tongue. You may laugh, but many trips to emergency and awful medicine made me very careful. I am just finishing up this first bottle and probably still not using a 1/2 teaspoon full. I have eliminated one medicine, cut way back on the rest and hope by taking another order, I can eliminate the rest of the medicine. Each time I worked off some of the medicine, physically I felt bad. My chest would hurt, breathing was tough, but eventually my body would start to work properly. I am trying to convince my 2 granddaughters to try Yamoa as they both have asthma. The fear of gasping for very little air, really controls your mind. As an avid reader, I read about Yamoa, investigated it and ordered it. I am so glad you people are making this available, as I am planning on living another 20 or 30 years, and want to enjoy breathing. S. Caruso, Arizona, USA.

Adult-onset asthma:

I actually ordered the yamoa powder (two separate shipments) for my friend Linda, who suffers from adult-onset asthma.  She reports that the powder affords her total relief from asthma symptoms -- she has no episodes of airway constriction or difficulty breathing while taking it.  With the second course, she also experienced markedly less allergy sensitivity overall.  It really has been extraordinary.  I forwarded her your website, but I don't know if she has responded as yet.  Just in case she hasn't, I wanted to tell you her results and thank you for your product.  It's been wonderful for her.  Thank you so much for helping my dear friend.  I wish you the continued success that your product merits for you. P. G. Hayes, New York, USA.


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