Got the hayfever blues?

Got the hayfever blues?

Are you suffering yet, or fearing the moment when your symptoms usually start?

Yamoa has time and again proved to be exceptional in helping people tackle their symptoms. Over the last 20+ years, we have been providing customers with access to a profoundly useful natural resource, the bark of the Funtumia elastica tree, resulting in persuasive and heart-warming anecdotes and testimonials of dramatic positive change. 

Independent researchers’ findings support the claims of users, confirm how safe Yamoa is, and reveal how it works.
  • For a number of years independent researchers have been intrigued by the dramatic anecdotal evidence from Yamoa users, enough to secure their own funding sources for research into its active constituents, no doubt in their search for new medicinal actives.
  • Findings have revealed that Yamoa is an effective anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antifungal and an anti-plasmodial; it stimulates innate immunity, improves the white blood cell count and slants the allergic immune response on a molecular level.
  • The slanting of the immune system on a molecular level is key here. This is why we receive so many reports of long term, lasting results. By changing a TH2 (abnormal) response to allergens to an increased level in TH1 responses (normal), Yamoa brings about a resolution to the root cause of the problem, rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

Simply put, all these factors together explain just why Yamoa has proved so effective at changing the body’s response to allergens which trigger asthma attacks, hay fever (seasonal rhinitis) and help to improve respiratory health - for some people well beyond their expectations.

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Customer Feedback:

"Thought this was too good to be true but thought for the price will give it a go as I spend this much on anti histamines every year. Shock, Shock, Shock, Can't believe it worked but it did. Hayfever cured!!! Well for this year, will buy again next year just to be sure... Still cant believe it... No sneezing fits and near M1 crashes, no waking up in the morning and feeling as though i cant get out of bed. This stuff is amazing and i hope it works for you as it has done for me...5 Stars"

"Surprised delighted with the marked improvement within just one week, to symptoms due to seasonal pollen problems that I've been experiencing for years. Could hardly believe the relief at first, almost would not believe it. But I've felt so much better so consistently since using Yamoa that I recommend this product to fellow-sufferers all the time."

"Cannot believe that after years of hating the spring/summer because of my hay fever I can now truly believe there's a real cure. I was so desperate to find something that actually worked I almost gave up, but thanks to Tania and all her help and advice finally I can say I am free from the misery of hay fever. Thank you so much Tania I cannot thank you enough, please please people believe this product really works to me is a miracle cure. I wanted to wait till May was out to be sure it's May 31st I'm sure. I tested it out by going to farm for the bank holiday May 30th really sunny day pollen count was extremely high absolutely no hay fever symptoms at all people believe it it's true . Thank you again Tania for all your help you have been brilliant at answering all my questions so fast.Well done you. Judith xx"

No side effects, no drowsiness, no fear of addiction, 100% natural, and the best thing about Yamoa is if it works well for you, you may not need to use it again.

Available in pure 30gm powder, 60 & 120 capsule bottles. 60 Capsules is one months' supply for an adult. We recommend an initial course of 2 months.

This product is currently unavailable to UK customers due to regulations which prohibit the direct sale of effective medicinal herbs. This product is only available on prescription from qualified herbal practitioners. If you are a practitioner of herbal medicine, and you would like to be able to provide Funtumia elastica to your patients, please Contact us.

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