Could tree bark provide the answer for asthma and hay fever sufferers?

Could tree bark provide the answer for asthma and  hay fever sufferers?
"It is estimated that as many as 300 million people of all ages, and all ethnic backgrounds, suffer from asthma and the burden of this disease to governments, health care systems, families, and patients is increasing worldwide." Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA)

Despite thrusting billions of dollars into research, modern medicine has so far failed to discover a cure for asthma, despite having evidently enough knowledge about the disease to 'manage' it.

Nearly 5.5 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma: 1.1 million children (1 in 11) and 4.3 million adults (1 in 12). In 2011 there were  1,167 deaths from asthma in the UK alone.

It beggars the question: why are so many people still dying when the drug companies know how to manage it? Surely they have enough information about the disease for a cure by now? Or are they more concerned about their bottom line? A lifetime drug user after all, is a little more of a cash-cow than a cured patient, surely? Or am I just being cynical?

Yamoa Powder is an effective alternative to combat asthma, hay fever and other allergic conditions. The product is made from the powdered bark of a rare gum tree found on the Yamoa family land in Ghana. The bark is soaked in clean water and thoroughly cleaned, and then completely dried naturally. The finished product contains no chemicals or additives. Before the powder is bottled for sale, samples are sent for testing and analysis as part of an exacting quality control system.

Yamoa has been studied thoroughly by a number of independent research scientists from around the world who have not only found it to be an effective anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, it is a powerful immune system booster, can switch allergic responses back to normal responses and is safe and non-toxic to boot. (Click here to See the Science)

While Yamoa Powder does not give instant relief (it should not be relied upon in an emergency), many people who use it notice significant improvement within a week. Attacks can be reduced in frequency and many people feel the symptoms of asthma and hay fever disappear completely within a couple of months.

For asthma sufferers wheezing slows down, breathing improves and the heaviness of the chest eases.

For hay fever sufferers, sneezing is reduced, no running nose, no itchy eyes, and no swollen skin.

It is important for patients to take the powder for two months to be free of all symptoms, however some only need as little as a month.

Yamoa Powder has been used in West Africa for generations; it is a totally natural product with no known side effects; both adults and children can take it.

TESTIMONIALS (these original testimonials and more can be viewed on the Official Yamoa Powder Website

Tom Biggs, Area Health and Safety Communication Workers Union, London
With regards to your Yamoa powder for asthmatics I am pleased to be able to report that a number of my members have come to me praising the effectiveness of your product, this is a welcome remedy for Asthma. One case that stands out in my mind, that one of my female colleagues who had spent much time trying to achieve relief for her son who had suffered from Asthma and had attended hospitals and clinics but with little progress. After a course of your powder, the child never had to use inhalers again.

Mrs F Edosomwan, London
I am writing to say Thank You to the makers of Yamoa, I used to suffer really badly from Hayfever but since I took Yamoa as instructed I don't know what Hayfever is anymore. It tasted nice and you don't have to take it for ever. Once again Thank you, I have recommended it to everyone I know that I think will benefit from it.

Mrs Pat, London
Last year I was recommended by a friend to try your Yamoa Powder for my daughter’s Asthma. At first I was sceptical about using it as it had not been prescribed by my GP. However after a few months I was amazed at the results. The change in my daughter was unbelievable. Now she is able to participate in all outdoor sports activities and she is not affected by changes in the weather..I’m so glad I was persuaded by my friend to try Yamoa.

Mrs S R Carr, London
I would like to take the time to congratulate you for the cure of my Asthma & Hayfever. After taking your remedy for three weeks, I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference it has helped with my chest and nasal problems. My daughter has also taken it as she suffers from Hayfever, she sends her thanks as she can now go out without the packet of tissues for her running nose and eyes.

Mrs J Cooper, Sheffield
I have just finished taking the Yamoa Powder I bought from you. I have suffered from Hayfever since I was eleven years old and I have found that it steadily got worse over the years. However apart from occasional itching eyes and nose from time to time, I seem to be cured. I have not used any other medication this year and I hope that I will not need any ever again. It appears to work.

A S Baily, Oxon
On taking this powder I have been able to reduce my inhaler treatment and the medication, I certainly think that it has helped me, it seems to ease my breathing and I am not troubled on summer days when the pollen is around. Thanks again.

Mrs K Boachie, London
My cousin’s son had ASTHMA, and about two years ago I told my cousin about Jerry Yamoa’s medicine. He was a bit reluctant at first to try it on his son, simply because Asthma has no cure. Through persuasion, my cousin decided to give it a go. Within three weeks of use, the ASTHMA just left the boy and up to this present time, there is no trace of the asthma reoccuring. Hence I can categorically vouch for Mr Yamoa’s claim that his herbal medicine cures asthma. Thank you


* Mix the entire contents of the 30gm bottle thoroughly with an average size jar of honey, about 1lb (454gm).

* Stir well until the powder is completely mixed, also stir the mixture each time you use it.

* Adults: One 5 ml spoonful twice a day for one month continuously.

* Children: under the age of 12: Half a 5ml teaspoon twice a day for one month continuously.

* Or take a 1/4 of a 5ml spoon of powder twice a day with a glass of water or fruit juice, tea or any beverage.


If you have been concerned that your reliance on mainstream drugs to manage your asthma for the rest of your life is simply orchestrated to improve drug companies' bottom line, then why don't you give Yamoa the chance to help you? You may be pleasantly surprised.

Why not try Yamoa next time you can barely breathe through your nose, your eyes are driving you insane from itching, you can barely sleep and your nose is constantly running, you're feeling drowsy from your over-the-counter meds and you've simply had enough? Like Grant in the video above, you really could be experiencing a whole new you in just a matter of a few weeks. What have you got to lose?

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