Yamoa™ (Funtumia elastica), along with thousands of other natural products, was effectively banned from sale to British and EU residents by the full implementation of the European Union's Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) which came into full force in April 2011.

Under this directive, herbal medicines sourced from outside Europe are not allowed to be sold in the EU unless they are licensed. Licensing is prohibitively expensive, costing upwards of £500,000+ as the same rules now apply as to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, this kind of license it out of reach for many small companies such as NHC Ltd, Jerry Yamoa's small family business, mainly because the kind of funding required would never be provided by investors due to the fact that the product cannot be protected by a patent due to being a natural product, unlike innovative synthetic drugs which are the product of millions of opiunds of investment and the product of a multi-billion dollar industry.

As a direct result of this directive, we regret that we have been able to directly supply Yamoa™ to our EU resident customers since April 30th 2011, hence these countries have been removed from the country drop-down lists on the order page.


If you live in the EU, and you would still like to use Yamoa™ please click the button below for stockists outside of the EU (and therefore outside of EU legislative law) who are able to supply you.

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For more information on THMPD, and to actively help challenge this descriminatory and unjustified legislation, please visit The Alliance for Natural Health's website.

Click here to read the ANH THMPD Briefing Paper.