Anne Sweeney Public TV Host

Why would you want a voucher or coupon when you can have a refund?!

We acknowledge that you may never need to use Yamoa™ again, so why would we offer you vouchers or coupons against future purchases? We prefer to thank you for referring others to us by giving you a refund.

"I'm thrilled to help spread the word about a product that really works, from a company that truly cares about its customers.

One of the incredibly impressive things that you have done is refund my previous orders, not merely given a credit towards future orders, when I've referred people to you. That's unheard of! It shows a real conviction in your product, but even more than that, it shows how much you care for people. You had no way of knowing if I'd ever need to order another bottle of Yamoa powder, because many people only need to take it for one or two months. And yet, you did not try to guarantee future sales by simply offering a coupon. Instead, you sent me money back. Astounding.

I feel good about taking Yamoa Powder, about sharing its effectiveness with others, and I feel very good about supporting your company. I wish there were more who had as much integrity as you do. You help me breathe easy, and businesses like yours help the planet breathe easy. Thank you!

In my work as both a television host and a professional photographer I'm constantly writing down your URL on paper and handing it out, as so many people talk about their asthma and allergies."

Anne Sweeney, PBS TV Host  

3 Easy Steps to Earning your Yamoa™ Referral Refunds

  • Direct people to us and they’ll get $5 off their first order when they mention your name during the ordering process.
  • They will get a $5 refund on their purchase when we have checked that you exist in our customer database.
  • We will then refund 10% of the product value from your previous order to your card (excludes postage fees) for each person sent to us who mentions your name when they purchase their first order.
If you end up earning all the money back you spent with us, become an affiliate and we’ll pay you 10% of the value of orders placed by people you continue to refer to us.

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