Why We Need a Professional Monograph

In May 2011 the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) came into full force in the EU. This legislation, designed to reduce or eliminate potential risk to people wanting to use herbal medicinal products, has meant that hundreds if not thousands of valuable traditional remedies and medicines are no longer available to residents of the European Union. Yamoa™ is one such herb.

Why isn't Yamoa™ Licensed?
Yamoa™ is a natural product. It is unadulterated and although manufactured to GMP Standards in the UK, it cannot be protected by a patent. As such, we have been unsuccessful in raising the kind of funding needed to have the research and clinical trials conducted in order to meet the requirements to become a licensed medicinal herb - the herb would have to go through the same expensive trials and testing as a pharmaceutical drug. Without vast amounts of cash, which no-one will invest without protection (a patent), this is not a possibility. It's not longer a case of 'innocent until proven guilty', it's a case of 'if you don't have the funds and can't standardise your product, you can't join our club (and it's the law to be a member of our club)'!

The only way left for an EU resident to access this effective herbal medicine is after a one-to-one consultation with a qualified medicinal herbalist - the only professionals authorised to prescribe unlicensed traditional herbal medicines.

A Problem
Medicinal herbalists don't know about Yamoa™. Why? Because it's a relatively new herb to the West, having only been brought here in the mid 1990s by a small family business. Gradually, as Advertising Standards rules became more strict over the years, health claims could not be made about the herb, so the herb sold through referral and word-of-mouth to end-users, and information about it within the EU could not be so easily distributed. As medicinal herbalists have never been educated about the herb in their training, they have never got to hear about it.

Our Plan
It's crunch time, and imperative now that Yamoa™ is recognised for the safe healing properties it offers and to be officially recognised. The EU ban is just the start, and unless Yamoa™ becomes globally recognised it is in danger of being made unavailable to all. Many herbs are used for specific healing properties, and now that independent research is finally endorsing the thousands of anecdotal claims made by Yamoa™ users, it is time now for the existence of Yamoa™ as a natural approach to respiratory health to become widespread knowledge in order for its future to be protected. We need to get comprehensive information about Yamoa™ into the larger natural and integrated healthcare arena. The best way to do this is to have a professional monograph created. Once professionals are armed with the information, they can make an informed choice as to whether to add the herb to their arsenal of herbs they use for healing. Once they start to realise just how effective this herb can be, they will be only too keen to help people using it. It could also help us to campaign against the EU ban on Yamoa™.

What's a Professional Monograph?
A Professional Herbal Monograph is a dossier of information compiled by professional researchers, scientists and doctors and collated from every possible published source. The information is usually a combination of information from resources such as published scientific research, botanical databases, historical mentions, folklore, anecdotal evidence. Side effects, efficacy, toxicity, safety are all assessed.
See Example

Who will create the Yamoa™ Monograph?
Denzil Phillips International is dedicated to the development of natural products worldwide. They have extensive knowledge of and experience in working with African botanicals, and will be working closely with researchers within Ghana to create as comprehensive and thorough a Monograph as possible.

Why do we Need Donations?
Denzil Phillips International have offered to charge for costs only for the Professional Monograph for Yamoa™, but we still need to raise £250 to cover the remaining costs - we have already paid 50% of the costs up front, the remainder will be due on completion of the work.

Our Vision
Please help us to realise our vision to see Yamoa™ recognised the world over for the benefits it brings to peoples' health and lives. As it is not only effective but safe and non-toxic, we would like it to become the standard approach for healthcare professionals to use in combating asthma and other respiratory allergies.

Please help us to make this vision a reality.
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