10 Ways Yamoa Can Transform Your Life - pdf

10 Ways Yamoa Can Transform Your Life - pdf

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Didn't Work for Fall Mold Allergies

I took 2 courses of capsules just to be sure while using Rhinocort. I got off the Rhinocort when I was done and I went a month with no symptoms. I thought everything was great, then WHAM, it all came back with a vengeance. I'm not sure if it did anything. I would like a refund.

The Official Yamoa™ Website

Very sorry to hear things reverted back to normal after a month of relief with Yamoa. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee results - this is a 100% natural, unadulterated product, and it works with your immune system to benefit the respiratory system. Everyone is different and will have their own experience with Yamoa - some people respond incredibly quickly, and incredibly well, far outweighing expectations, and the results can last a long time, even from a short course. Others don't respond as quickly, or as effectively, and the results can last less long. We're all different, we all have unique bodies, with unique challenges, and Yamoa will do what it can do for you but there is no guarantee it will work, sadly. As such we do not offer a money back guarantee, as stated in the disclaimer on our website and on the literature you will have received with Yamoa. It may not be what you want to hear, but it's possible you may have needed to take the product for a longer course to get long term results, or keep on a maintenance dose. Please do get in touch should you need any further advice.