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Just $1.66 a day* for probably the safest, most effective natural lasting asthma and hay fever treatment available...and you may never need it again!

*Based on the price of 120 Yamoa™ capsules taken twice a day for 2 months.

Repeat Customers

Save 10% on every order you place! Simply Generate a password, log in on the homepage, enter 'Repeat customer' in the Notes section and get a 10% refund when we process your order for shipping!

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New Customers

An initial course of 2 months is recommended for best results.

FREE worldwide shipping until Midnight GMT Sunday 13th April!

Buy from a Licensed Yamoa™ Stockist


If you are NOT sending to a destination within the EU, place your order with us for repeat customer 10% discounts, unique offers and to qualify for our Yamoa™ Referral Refunds.

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