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Yamoa™ Powder & Capsules - A 100% Natural Food Supplement

Probably the Safest Natural Lasting Treatment for Asthma & Other Respiratory Allergies

Affected by asthma, hay fever or another respiratory allergy? Spending a fortune every year on medication and treatments that don't fix the problem? Have you been told it will be like this for you - possibly for the rest of your life?

It all adds up - medication, inhalers, nebulizers that take a toll on your pocket and your long term health with some unwanted side effects - and yet all they can do is mask your symptoms, temporarily, until the next attack.

Please don't despair! If you’re reading this, then you may have heard the buzz about Yamoa™. It's a natural, safe, effective and affordable product that could possibly end your suffering and transform your life.

Yamoa™ is the powdered bark of a gum tree from Ghana, which has been traditionally used mixed in honey and taken twice daily to eradicate the symptoms of breathing ailments. The stem, leaves and seeds of the tree have also been used in traditional medicine for other purposes such as washing wounds, treating haemorrhoids and venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea, but it is the powdered bark that has had the most profound effect on peoples' lives. It is brought to the UK and manufactured to GMP standards, and is available in pure powder and vegetarian capsule form.

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Improving so Many People's Lives Beyond Expectation

Why do so many of our customers take the time to write to us with their experiences? Simple: because it changed their lives when they had almost given up hope, and they want to inspire others to try it. Often, people turn to Yamoa™ as a last resort.

Affordable & Effective - Yamoa™ can Reduce your Health Costs

Yamoa™ is affordable, and unlike other options that give you only temporary relief with a bunch of unwanted side-effects, your very first order of Yamoa™ may be the very last dollar you will need to spend on respiratory medication. Like many before you, you could embark on a new drug-free life, and Yamoa™ is so safe, even a one-year-old child can use it without any health risk.

Healing Properties Abound!

It’s not just Yamoa™ users that think it’s great, even scientists are impressed by the astonishing ability of Yamoa™ to heal. Independent studies show that Yamoa™ is packed with healing properties, including anti-oxidants, anti-fungals, anti-inflammatories and antimicrobials - compounds that are internationally recognized for their potential to fight disease. It also contains anthocyanins, flavonoids, tannins and polysaccharides that increase the body's natural ability to fight illness by strengthening the immune system. The results of scientific tests of Yamoa™ have been reported in such highly respected publications as International Pharmacology and The Journal of Immunology.

But by far the best news about Yamoa™ is what it's done for sufferers worldwide - and what it could do for you.

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  • A Short Course of 2 Months Can Yield Amazing Results*
  • No unwelcome side-effects - there are no side effects that people can anticipate with either short or long term use
  • Affordable - as little at $1.66 a day - and some people never need it again after a short course
  • Easy to use - mix the powder into honey or your food, or simply take the capsules twice a day
  • Safe for all ages - children as young as one year old can take Yamoa™ safely
  • Non-Toxic and certified organic - all toxicology reports have been favourable, and certified organic in country of origin
  • Manufactured to Full British and International GMP Standards
  • Safe when taken with other medications - even people on a complex drug regime have not had problems taking Yamoa™ at the same time
  • Free from Heavy Metals, Salmonella, E.Coli, Coliform and Streptococci - all reports have always been negative for these
  • Endorsed by the Foundation for Alternative & Integrative Medicine - actually Yamoa™ is the only product endorsed by this organisation

Customer Support that is Second to None

  • We are always here to support you through Live Chat, 'phone or email - a personal service direct to us, no call centres or customer service reps.
  • Who needs coupons for products they may never need to use again?! If you love Yamoa™, tell people and we will give you a 10% refund as a 'Thank you'!
  • If you find you need to order again, you will get a 10% discount off every order you place, forever.
  • After 1 month, we will write and ask you 'How's it going?' This gives you an opportunity to praise Yamoa™ or ask us for advice. You'll also be asked if you're ready to fill out our Yamoa™ Questionnaire.

We're here to help you - that's all we want to do.

This 100% natural resource offers you the very real opportunity to lead a normal medication-free life again. Embark on a two month course of Yamoa™ today, and take a chance to change your life forever.

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