What exactly is Yamoa™ Powder?

Yamoa™ comes in 30gm containers of pure Funtumia elastica ground bark powder. The Yamoa™ Capsules contain 500mg pure Funtumia elastica ground bark powder, 10mg Magnesium stearate B.P., and a vegan cellulose capsule.


How do I take Yamoa™ Powder?

POWDER: Mix the entire contents of the 30gm bottle thoroughly with an average size jar of honey, about 1lb (454gm). Stir well until the powder is completely mixed, also stir the mixture each time you use it. Adults: One 5 ml standard teaspoonful twice a day for one month continuously. Children: under the age of 12: Half a 5ml teaspoon twice a day for one month continuously. OR take 1/4 of a 5ml teaspoon of powder twice a day with a glass of water or fruit juice, tea or any beverage, an eigth of a teaspoon for children. FOR BEST RESULTS, FINISH ENTIRE MIXTURE EVEN IF RELIEF IS FOUND AT AN EARLY STAGE OF TREATMENT.

CAPSULES: Adults: 1 capsule twice a day (morning and evening) with water. Children aged 12 and under: 1/2 capsule twice a day (morning and evening) mixed in honey or jam, maple syrup or other foodstuff to mask bitter taste. If the child is old enough to swallow the capsule, only half of the powder will require mixing with honey (or other). IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO STOP YOUR OR YOUR CHILDS CURRENT MEDICATION WITHOUT YOUR DOCTORS ADVICE.

What are the optimum times for taking Yamoa™ Powder?

The guide is really just twice a day, at a decent interval of a good 6 hours - it does not have to be specifically at mealtimes, although people usually find it easier not to forget to take the dose if taken at these benchmarks in the day.

Do I mix it in honey as and when required, or all in one go when I first receive it?

The Yamoa™ Powder should be emptied completely into the honey and mixed thoroughly, then stirred before each dose is taken. Using the right amount of honey/jam (approx. 1lb/454gm) ensures that the correct dose is taken. Please remember a child's dose is half a teaspoon, and the mixture will be taken over approximately 2 months in all for a child.

Can it be taken with anything else other than honey?

You can mix it with a jam, brown rice syrup, pure maple syrup, water or any beverage. It can also be sprinkled into babycereals or yoghurt for young children or babies - honey is not recommended for babies under 1 year due to the risk of Botulism (bacteria in honey). Yamoa™ tastes bitter, so it is better mixed with something sweet. If you are a diabetic, you are best advised to mix it with a low sugar carrier. We have Yamoa™ Powder in Capsule form, which is ideal for people who cannot take Yamoa™ Powder mixed in honey.

How many pots will a complete treatment consume?

Most people find they get results within the first month. Some people obviously need more than one month, but some people do take the powder for longer for a variety of reasons. Many people experience changes in their condition within the first two weeks, but it is best to take the mixture until the pot is finished entirely (one month approx. for adults, two for children due to the smaller dose).

Is it a permanent cure or does the treatment need to be repeated every year for hayfever sufferers?

It has been a long term solution for many people. We tend generally to sell second pots to people who are re-ordering on behalf of their friends or relatives rather than themselves, but obviously some people may require follow-up treatment the next month or the following year. Others tend to buy again for themselves in order to have the powder to hand 'just in case'. It is a very subjective remedy, and we cannot categorically say that you will only need the one pot, but this does tend to be the norm.

I have had asthma for many years, and I'm in the senior age sbracket, will Yamoa™ help me?

We have found that people who have had their condition for many years, and who are in the senior age bracket, have generally required more than one month of Yamoa™ before beginning to feel substantial benefits. This may be down to the fact that the condition is long-standing, and that an older person has a longer history of illness and stress, which may mean a reduced immune system capacity, which may make it harder to recover from a condiion as quickly as a younger person or a child.

With this in mind, it may mean that although Yamoa™ may not appear to improve your condition within a month, it may need longer to establish its healing properties and boost your immune system against the triggers which cause your asthma. Persevering with Yamoa™ for more than one month may therefore bring better results.

How far in advance of the hayfever season should I take Yamoa™ Powder?

Hayfever sufferers have been known to take Yamoa™ Powder in the winter, and it has remained effective for the following hayfever season. Others have found relief from their symptoms for good after taking it for one month at the beginning of the season. Others find they take it at the beginning of the season each year. Most people who take it whilst they are suffering symptoms, find relief within a week of taking it. It is always recommended to take the dose every day until the mixture is finished completely (approx. one month for adults), even if relief is found early on in treatment. One pot (one month) is usually enough for one person.

What ingredients are in Yamoa™?

Yamoa™ powder contains pure Funtumia elastica bark powder. The capsules are pure powder with a small amount of magnesium stearate as an anti-caking agent, and a cellulose (vegan) capsule.

Does it have any known side effects?

We have had isolated reports (from single people) of a reaction of a rash, water-retention, a tickly cough, stomach ache and palpitations (when taking blood pressure tablets also).

Some people may respond initially to Yamoa™ with what is termed as a 'healing reaction' (sometimes known as a healing 'crisis'). This is when symptoms seem to worsen before they start to improve, and it can be quite alarming for some people, particularly asthma sufferers. Please bear this in mind, and although it is rare with Yamoa, it is common with many complimentary therapies. Please be sure, particularly if you suffer from respiratory attacks such as in asthma, that you always carry your emergency medication with you at all times, even if you feel Yamoa™ has helped you combat your condition.

We do not recommend you take Yamoa™ if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are on blood pressure medication.

We also do not recommend mixing the powder with honey or another sweet carrier if you suffer from fungal infections in the respiratory tract (see Powder versus Capsules questions below).

If you find you are experiencing any adverse symptoms from taking Yamoa, please let us know. Please see our 'drug interactions' question.

Are there any known drug interactions with Yamoa™ Powder?

We have had feedback from one lady regarding a possible interaction between Yamoa Powder and her daily dose of 0.5mg of Norvasc (blood pressure drug), resulting in palpitations which increased in severity the longer she used the powder. She ceased use of the powder, and her palpitations disappeared after a few days. This is the only drug interaction we know of to date.

Tests to establish whether it could interact with any one medication taken by any given individual are impossible to conduct due to the enormity of the task (there are so many drugs and drug combinations being taken), that we cannot give a conclusive guarantee that this will never happen, therefore it is strictly your decision as to whether you will go ahead and use Yamoa™ Powder whilst on your current medications.

If you experience any signs that an adverse reaction is happening to you when you take Yamoa™, you must stop immediately and consult your healthcare specialist, and inform us so that we can advise others of possible interactions.

Who is Yamoa™ NOT suitable for?

We do not recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women or people on High Blood pressure medications take Yamoa™

I am pregnant. Can I take Yamoa™?

We recommend that you wait until you have had your baby and finished breastfeeding before you start to take Yamoa™.

Is it really safe? What tests have been done on it?

Yamoa has been microbiologically analysed to clinically confirm that it is free from nasties such as Salmonella and E-Coli, Faecal Coliforms and Faecal streptococci. The conclusion to the tests was: "The analyses undertaken provided no evidence of the presence of pathogenic bacteria on any of the samples examined".

Further research (Graff JC et al, Polysaccharides derived from Yamoa™ (Funtumia elastica) prime γδ T cells in vitro and enhance innate immune responses in vivo, Int Immunopharmacol (2009), doi:10.1016/j.intimp.2009.07.015) found that Yamoa™ in fact "may be effective as therapeutic innate immunostimulants in Salmonella enterica serotype typhimurium infection and potentially other infectious disease settings."

It has also been tested by the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine (MINISTRY OF HEALTH), Ghana, by S. Osafaro-Mensah MSc. These tests were performed between 1996 and 1998. Mr Osafaro's conclusions to the tests were "The investigation and clinical trials conducted have shown that Yamoa is safe for human use...and when the bark is dried it can be safely stored for up to 6yrs before being ground for use".

A peer reviewed scientific research paper, (Graff JC et al, Polysaccharides derived from Yamoa™ (Funtumia elastica) prime γδ T cells in vitro and enhance innate immune responses in vivo, Int Immunopharmacol (2009), doi:10.1016/j.intimp.2009.07.015) conducted by Montana State University's Molecular Biology department determined that Yamoa™ "appears safe" with "no evidence of toxic or other adverse effects".

Jodi Hedges, one of the lead researchers on Yamoa™ explained when interviewed, "We think that in vivo the main response to polysacchrides is that they prime the cells, to better respond to other signals. They do not overtly stimulate the cells, and they do not induce inflammatory cytokines. Targeting these gd T cells and NK cells is nifty because these cells are not the source of strong damaging cytokines like IL-1, IL-6 and TNFa, these come from macrophages. gd T cells and NK cells are anti-inflammatory in many situations, and polysaccharides may enhance that capacity as well. Macrophages are not known for this, but also do not appear to be a primary target for these polysaccharides (if they were, we would see more inflammation not less).”


What are the benefits to taking the capsules over the loose powder?

The main differences are the ease of use, the ability to maintain an accurate dosage and the compatibility with a strict sugar or carbohydrate free diet, such as that of a diabetic or someone trying to lose weight, or even someone who needs to avoid sugars due to candidiasis, etc.

If you suffer from fungal infections in the respiratory tract, it is better to take the capsules than the honey mixture, or at least do not mix the loose powder into honey or a sweet carrier as the sugar will only exacerbate the condition and it may become worse rather than improve. If you do not know whether you are suffering from a fungal infection, it may be better to opt for the capsules to err on the side of caution.

What are the benefits to taking the loose powder over the capsules?

The loose powder is better for those suffering from seasonal allergies or hayfever when mixed with a local honey, as the honey will itself help to strengthen the immune system against local pollens. It is also more suitable for those suffering from conditions such as MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) as it does not have the added presence of magnesium stearate, as in the capsules.

If you suffer from fungal infections in the respiratory tract, it is better to take the capsules than the honey mixture, or at least do not mix the loose powder into honey or a sweet carrier as the sugar will only exacerbate the condition and it may become worse rather than improve. If you do not know whether you are suffering from a fungal infection, it may be better to opt for the capsules to err on the side of caution.

I am on a colon cleanse. Should I finish the cleanse before I start Yamoa™?

Yes, you should wait incase the Yamoa™ is evacuated from the body before it has a chance to work. Your digestive system should also be given a few days to recover and rest from the cleanse before Yamoa™ is started, so it would be ideal to wait for about four days to a week after the cleanse is over before starting Yamoa™

I have had absolutely no response from taking Yamoa™. What are your comments?

We are very sorry to hear when someone has not responded at all to Yamoa™ Powder as it is so rare that no improvement at all is experienced. We cannot give a guarantee that it will work for everyone with every respiratory condition, but it does help many, many people. If this happens to you, we would be grateful if you could contact us and elaborate on your 'story' regarding the history of your condition, the method in which you took Yamoa™ Powder, your age and how long you have had the condition, any underlying health issues you may also have, what other medications you were taking at the time, and any other relevant information, as it would really help us to understand who Yamoa™ Powder possibly can and may not help in greater depth. This in turn will help us to advise our customers more accurately. It is so important that we hear any negative stories as well as the positive.

I have found some loose powder being sold on the internet as Yamoa™. Is it genuine? Some stores on the internet are selling another product as a 'Replacement' for Yamoa. Is this true? Is this the same product as Yamoa?

The Yamoa™ trademark has become very well known, and now that Yamoa™ has become a popular, trusted and reliable product, it has also become targeted as a lucrative way for unscrupulous individuals to try to make money by selling counterfeit products using or alluding to the Yamoa™ name. Cheap bulk quantities of powder being sold under the name of Yamoa™ in loose quantities by Bouncing Bear Botanicals and Herbalfire (same company, different web guises) on the internet is NOT GENUINE Yamoa™ Funtumia elastica Powder. We are currently taking legal action against this company as they have consistently refused to change the details for their product. As the product is not genuine, they have put a Disclaimer on their site threatening legal action against anyone who consumes the product, to avoid responsibility if someone falls ill from taking it. Genuine Yamoa™ is fit for human consumption. All legitimate Yamoa™ Funtumia elastica Powder and Yamoa™ Funtumia elastica Capsules Distributors hold a Licence issued by us to sell Yamoa™ products. Those without Licences are not selling genuine Yamoa™ Funtumia elastica Powder. Yamoa™ Funtumia elastica Powder is only available in 30gm Powder and 60 and 120 Capsules form.

If like most consumers you would like to buy the genuine article, please either purchase from us, or contact us for a genuine licensed distributor of Yamoa™ products near you. We cannot vouch for the safety or reliability of any products passing themselves off as Yamoa™.

How do you ship, how long does it take, and how much do you charge?

All orders are normally processed and mailed within 2 working days of receipt.

Normal Service:

1 to 2 containers:

UK: Regular Royal Mail service 1 - 2 working days.

US & Rest of the World: Royal Mail Airmail, 5 - 10 working days.

3 or more:

These packages will need a signature on receipt and will be trackable through the Royal Mail website. UK: Registered (signed for) - first class - 1 - 2 working days.

USA & ROW: Royal Mail International Signed For service, 4 - 10 working days.

We ask all UK customers to allow up to one week for delivery, and we ask all overseas customers to allow up to four weeks for delivery before packages can be considered lost in the mail and replacement packages sent out. Replacement orders will be sent only if the delivery address supplied by the customer is accurate.

Can I give you my credit card details by email, snail mail or by telephone and order that way?

Yes, if you call us between 9.30 GMT and 15.00 GMT Monday - Friday on +44 (0)1865 355515.

To send your order by snail mail, please include the following information on your order:

Your daytime contact telephone number and your email address

Your name as it appears on your card

The address your card is registered to

Your card number in full

Your issue date

Your Expiry date

Security code (last three digits on the signature strip of your card)

To place orders outside this time, please use the website.

Sending your details by email is not safe as emails can be intercepted by hackers, so this is not a recommended method.

Can I order by Credit or Debit card online?

Yes you can. Simply go to our ORDER YAMOAYamoa™ page and fill in the form. Our online purchasing facility is supplied by WorldPay. PayPal members can also purchase through PayPal. You can also choose to pay with your card by fax or mail. We will process your order within 48 working hours of receipt.

We currently accept payments in Pounds Sterling (£) Euros (€) and US Dollars (US$).

How do I order from outside of Europe, USA or Canada?

Order through our Order Yamoa page selecting the currency of your choice. The transaction will be converted into your local currency by your bank.

How do I check up on the progress of my order?

You can send an email to us, stating the following: your NAME, the PRODUCT you ordered and the QUANTITY you ordered, the DATE you placed your order, HOW you ordered (through WorldPay, PayPal or via mail or fax) and the SHIPPING NAME, if different from your own. If you have an order number and transaction ID this information would be very helpful. We will be able to search for your order quickly, and give you a progress report. Please do not use this facility for the first 10 working days after you placed your order if you ordered from the US or Canada. If you ordered from the UK, you can use this facility within 2 working days of ordering.

How do I become a distributor? Do you have a wholesale price?

If you are a retailer and would like to order Yamoa™ at wholesale, please email us with your enquiry. Please state how you heard about Yamoa™ and what experience you have of it. We will contact you with a Distributor's License Agreement.

If I become a distributor, what support can I expect from you?

We are here for you to answer questions and supply you with information most working days. Any emails you send us will be responded to by the next working day. We will send you copies of testimonial letters and articles with your first wholesale order. We will always be happy to support you in any way we can.

How can I check if another website is selling genuine Yamoa™ Powder?

All distributors of Yamoa™ products need to hold an Independent Distributor's Licence. If the seller holds a Licence, we will be able to tell you that they are a legitimate distributor and you will know that the products they sell are genuine. Please email us for verification with the website URL (address) concerned and the company name and we will let you know if it is safe to buy from them.

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