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My company Not the Norm Ltd was incorporated in 2003. Its presence on the internet was established initially as after developing a close relationship with Jerry Yamoa and his family in the late 1990s.

Having put my Reflexology practice on hold to have my first child and be a full time mum, I met Jerry who told me about his powder which helped respiratory ailments. I was intrigued but sceptical, as many people are when they first hear about Yamoa™, but Jerry came across as a truly genuine man and I was inclined to believe the claims he was making. So, I gave some Yamoa™ to some of my reflexology patients and asthmatic friends to test. The results they felt convinced me of the importance of this herb and I found my mission: to help asthma and hayfever sufferers around the world by making Yamoa™ available to the masses.

In 1999, having put my Reflexology practice on hold to have my first child, I met Jerry Yamoa who introduced me to his ‘Yamoa™ powder’, claiming it had cured asthma in his village back in Ghana, and more recently his colleagues at Royal Mail.

Healthily sceptical, but intrigued, I was inclined to believe the claims he was making, as he came across as an extremely genuine chap, and it wouldn’t take much to disprove him. So he kindly gave me samples to send some Yamoa™ to some former reflexology clients to test. The results were astounding, and I had found my life’s mission: to help asthma and hay fever sufferers around the world by making Yamoa™ available to the masses.

I spent almost every night for two years building my first primitive Yamoa™ website and trying to spread the word about Yamoa™. Being an internet novice and a computer virgin too, it was no mean task to get things up and running, but I was determined that this was the way forward to reach people on my extremely tight budget (I had no money to out into my venture!)

I soon learned that convincing people who don't know you from Adam that you have an incredible natural cure is not easy, but I persevered and in August 2001 I had a lucky break. A well respected American physician with a huge interest in natural health, Dr. David Williams, had heard rumours about Yamoa™ was told by a friend in London that what he'd been looking for in Africa was now available in England. He contacted me and I agreed to give his 260,000 subscribers a discount on their first orders, and before long Word-of-mouth soon spread, and here we are today.

Over the years, Yamoa™ has helped thousands of people fight and beat asthma and other respiratory conditions such as hay fever, bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis and even COPD. My mission remains to spread the word about Yamoa™ Powder as far and wide as possible, so that those who are in need of it are aware of its existence, and I would absolutely love it if you would join me on this mission by telling people about Yamoa™. If you want to help spread the word, please send this site to people, share it on Facebook, Tweet about Yamoa™ on Twitter, become a Yamoa™ distributor or simply ask me to send you a bunch of our leaflets to hand out to people.

With the kids older now, like most sensible people I am able now to work during daylight hours and have been able to resume my occasional practice as a Reflexologist. I still dream of returning to sculpture one day (my degree was in Fine Art), but I guess that's going to have to wait!

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